"Variations post Traumatiques" - Limited edition 7" 222 copies - La Grande Illusion 02

The follow up to the acclaimed 10" released of this enigmatic french project. Deals like the first part with the first world war diseases.

Very powerful.

Listen: extract 1 (706 K) - extract 2 (705 KB) - MP3 format 00:45 - 128 kbit/s stereo
"Post-traumastismes" - Limited edition 10" LP 30mn 400 copies - La Grande Illusion 01

The first release both for the newborn french label, La Grande Illusion, and a young french musician, a student in medicine, who made this record as a concept centred around the "traumatisms" due to the first world war.

A cinematic soundtrack in two parts: Strong martial elements with some atmospheric passages with organ and orchestral parts of supreme beauty with old song and films samples and a touch of heavy electronics.

As a comparison, the sound evolves in a style between early Der Blutharsch recording (the first LP), some analog Les Joyaux de la Princesse or Steinklang sounds. Once again, the same old description but this time it doesn't sound like another pale copy. A very promising first strike.

I. Ici et là-bas
II. La déchirure
Listen: extract 1 (1,73 MB) - extract 2 (1,72 MB) - MP3 format 02:30 - 96 kbit/s stereo

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